Reflection for Monday 14th November 2022

The Rev’d Paul Smith

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Reflection for Monday November 14th from Paul Smith

Luke 18.35-43
As Jesus was coming near Jericho, there was a blind man sitting by the road, begging. When he heard the crowd passing by, he asked, “What is this?”
“Jesus of Nazareth is passing by” they told him.
He cried out, “Jesus, son of David, take pity on me!”
The people in front scolded him and told him to be quiet. But he shouted even more loudly, “Son of David, take pity on me!”
So Jesus stopped and ordered the blind man to be brought to him. When he came near, Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”
“Sir”, he answered, “I want to see again!”
Jesus said to him, “Then see! Your faith has made you well.”
At once he was able to see, and he followed Jesus, giving thanks to God.
When the crowd saw it, they all praised God.

Do you have a favourite town or village?    (One of mine is Appledore!)

In this section of St Luke’s Gospel, I reckon that one of St Luke’s favourites is Jericho, because it is only he who mentions this ancient town three times!
Perhaps, for this reason this little description of Bartimeus is significant, especially as we remember his name. It could be that he was still in the early church when Luke was around and was a friend.
Bartimaeus needed healing; without eyesight he couldn’t work to earn money to live. Many of us, reading this, also need healing, because we want to live our lives more fully and be able to help someone else.
What did Bartimaeus do? He knew he could receive healing from Jesus, so he simply put himself in Jesus’ way and used the one asset he had – his voice.
He shouted so loud, people told him to shut up. But he didn’t, and Jesus noticed him.
It is interesting that Jesus asked him what he wanted, so he said “I want my sight back!”
And that’s what happened, and he was healed.

When we pray, be like Bartimaeus.   Put yourself, or the person you are asking healing for, in the way of Jesus.    In you mind, say to Jesus (because he will hear you) “Here I am!   Please heal me!”   Or, “Please heal the person I need healing for.”   “Lord, I stand before you for Jim (or whatever their name is)”       No frills.  Simply present yourselves to Him.    Even though he knows what you need, in your mind, tell him what you want clearly.   Then trust him and stay trusting Him.   Jesus hasn’t gone away, he is the same as when we first believed and he knows our needs before we ask him, but, as he treated Bartimaeus, he still wants us to tell him what we want, just as parents do;   they want their children to come straight out with what they need.   Do the same with God, come straight out with it.     Say, “Jesus I place myself before you for healing of……...”.

Father I place into your hands
the things that trouble me.
Father I place into your hands
the person I would be.
Father I place into your hands
(..a particular person, or need….)
For I know I always can trust you.